Why Us?

Well, we think it's obvious

Here at Moravia Cans our world centres around Can body shaping,
sustainability and innovation for our customers

Embossing and debossing

You can always rely on the best technology from Moravia Cans, and none more so than when it comes to embossing and debossing. Moravia Cans have patented technology that delivers true 360º all-round embossing/debossing aligned to print registration. This givies a unique and unrivaled appearance that protects your valuable product from counterfeiting

Embossing and debossing
Can Body Shaping
18% waist reduction

Can Body Shaping

When it comes to full body shaping, Moravia Cans have long been a pioneer and the first choice supplier for complex shaping.

We bring your shape and design specification to reality, or we deliver you something unique from our own expert design team

High performance, production lines

Over the years at Moravia Cans we have always pushed the boundaries to provide more and be the best. This includes seeking out the most advanced and fastest manufacturing lines and equipment to produce the best and highest quality products in the most efficient way

High performance