With ‘Innovation’ firmly locked into our DNA, Moravia Cans continues to focus on market needs and explore how to best apply our expertise, experience and knowledge to support our Customers’ business success.

Moravia Cans’ developments lead to a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions per standard 45x150 aluminium aerosol can as per below graph:

When using the patented MC2-Alloy, a Carbon Foot Print reduction of upto 19% versus standard aluminium alloy can be achieved.
The step from MC2-Alloy to DWI will present a Carbon Foot Print reduction of upto 75% compared to MC2-Alloy.
Among the key market focusses is a drive to improve Sustainability in packaging:

Reduction packaging material


Use of recyclable material


Improved sustainability


Moravia Cans has over the last years developed and industrially implemented several answers to the above:

  • Reduction of aluminium consumption (weight) per can
  • Using recycled content of upto 25%

  • Further aluminium consumption reduction (weight)per can compared to Impact extrusion
  • Using recycled content of upto 91%

Moravia Cans will continue to develop answers to the aerosol markets needs and together with its Customers drive innovation and sustainability in our industry. Please reach out to your Moravia Cans contacts for further information.